What NHL 13 Could Offer You During the Lockout

If you enjoy watching hockey games but also enjoy video games then NHL 13 is the game for you. More so than ever this game provides rich content, graphics and gameplay sophistication. There is almost every hockey league there is in this game whether you are looking to play a junior team or a KHL team, its there. It's probably a good thing they have all those leagues in this game because the 2012 NHL lockout won't offer much desire to go into dynasty mode or playing another NHL team online. It's still pretty exciting to play as an AHL team, especially if online roster updates include Ryan Nugent-Hopkins playing for the Oklahoma City Barons or Ryan Johansen donning the Springfield Falcons uniform. The speed of the game will be slightly slower because of the lower overall skillset but if you're the type who likes to be taken over by curiosity then playing the AHL season mode ( Or just AHL games in Dynasty Mode ) will be the thing for you.

If you go to a gamer website like Gamespot or 1up they haven't rated this newest version of the NHL series as highly as previous releases but that is only due to the unmastered Artificial Intelligence and player rating inconsistencies but that is only minor, the user ratings are still a bit higher than the critic scores. For once they are not being criticized for the lack of innovation after every annual release because they have a revamped player skating engine that makes the skating of each player far more realistic than previous games. It also changes the concept of passing because players deep in the offensive zone perform many tight turns and side steps with the puck to look for an open player to pass to. This makes the experience much more fulfilling because it gives an element of unpredictability into the mix.

You can really set your ego into new heights by creating your own player and have him play as a junior and work his way into NHL stardom. You can customize everything like gameplay style such as a dangler, power forward or even a butterfly goaltender. You can also even customize the brand of your equipment like deciding to wear a CCM helmet or choose to stick handle with a Reebok stick and theres also a performance enhancing option for your stick and your skates. For your stick you set the angle of your curve, keeping the curve flat will enable you can shoot low and perform better backhand shots or you can go right to the other side of the barrel by having a very curled blade so you can pick your favourite spot to shoot at more definitively but the drawback to that is you have higher chance of missing the net. The only thing you can do with your skates is set the blade length on your skate. A short length will make you more agile and a long length will make you execute longer skating strides. A length in between the former two is desirable as well.

If you have feelings of loneliness or depression because you miss hockey but you don't want to go out to the local rink or refuse to take up interest to another league then you can get your fill by playing this great hockey simulation which is made by a great company Electronic Arts which by the way had been making these games for almost 20 years and show no signs of quitting soon. Being able to adapt is key to overcoming any adversity. I hope you enjoyed this short article and I will blog again soon.