Play Action Packed Games Online For Free

Playing games for free appeals enormously to all, especially when there is the chance to play online against real time players. Beating them at the chosen game becomes a passion that can keep players addicted for hours on end. Creating a virtual world in which you can live out all your fantasies, these online games are so diverse in their range that there is no chance of boredom setting in again.

There are many sites available on the internet which not only let you play free games but also allow you to make and manage your own strategy in order to win. Winning takes on a new meaning when, if your score is good enough, you get to see your name on the scoreboard. This acts as an impetus, which keeps you playing and bettering your results every time.

Almost all sites where you can play free games divide the selections into categories for easier navigation. They categorize them into types like action, arcade, racing, kids, shooting, flash games, which require a flash player, 3D games etc. Not only do you have a huge range of categories to choose from, each category also has a number of selections.

Action games seem to be very popular and have a number of sub-categories. Hence, you can save the world from bad enemies, or play a game of wrestling. Car racing is also a part of this category, as is situations dealing with aliens. In fact you will even find that you can play as your favourite superhero in this category. The many different sub-categories mean anyone can find one that suits their interests.

Of course, battle games and combats, including air strikes, firing, survival strategies, etc. are a very important part of action games and are a favorite of this category. Dark and mysterious games also make up this category, as do those based on favorite fun cartoon characters. So from fun to mayhem, there is something for everyone.

When playing, you will need to be on top of your strategy so that you are able to pass the levels with ease. Of course, as you advance through the levels, the difficulty quotient also increases, as does the addiction. This means stopping play becomes difficult, especially if you are on a particularly challenging level. With no limits on the time for which you can play, these online versions are a haven for people who love playing video games.

Better Your Chances of Making Gold on WoW

World of Warcraft gold, can have a big impact on the experience you get while playing. Perhaps many of you have already realized that if you don't have enough gold, you will eventually want to quit. It seems pointless to spend hours on end playing World of Warcraft, to realize that after all the effort you have put on the game you seem to be going nowhere because of gold. Specially, if you have to pay to play that alone makes it seem like a waste of time and money, real money that is.

Here are a few tips that can help you better the chances of you making World of Warcraft gold.

Make friends, much like in business the influences you have can determine how much money you make. Therefore when you are selling DON'T scam people, you might be successful once but soon you will find out that no one will want to buy from you. Also be polite players are more willing to buy from you if you are modest

If you haven't already, learn how to use the add-ons. For example the add-on "Auctioneer" can help you determine the best price to sell or buy item(s). There are several add-ons; such add-ons can help you find easier ways to get from one place to the other this can save you time and gold.

If you see a popular item that is low in supply buy it! And sell it for a higher price, some players especially those with money don't mind spending extra gold on items that they need instantly.

If you find grey and white items sell them to vendors. Most of these items won't sell on the auction house so you're better off selling them that way.

If you can get items from a vendor that can be sold on the Auction house for a higher price don't hesitate to do it.

Learn to utilize the auction house. Once you've done so you will definitely have little or no problem making gold.

If you are buying or selling you must be patient. When selling take your time to consider all offers this ensures you make the most gold. When you are buying also take your time, many gamers are eager to see gold on their hands, therefore it is to your advantage to use that against them. Seem as if you aren't interested, eventually you can get items cheaper than they really are.

FINALLY! Save your gold! In order to make money you need to invest it! Therefore you shouldn't be spending your gold unless you have made a considerable amount.

There endless methods and tips to make gold on World of Warcraft. There are players that have made large quantities of gold. Why can't you? Well the answer is simple. Perhaps you haven't utilized the tools given to you on the game properly. How much World of Warcraft gold you have affects your process on the game. So if you want to better your experience playing World of Warcraft then you should first learn how to make gold.

Produce Custom Playing Cards In A Cost Effective Manner

There are several ways in which you can make the process of producing custom playing cards considerably more cost-effective. Brand building and advertising are facilitated with the help of these cards, which explains why many businessmen and owners of casinos opt to produce them. You can also have the custom cards produced as part of a wider product marketing and promotional campaign.

After manufacturing these cards in large numbers, it is now time for the decks of cards to be distributed to the target market, in order to gain a wider audience. There are a number of reasons why people come up with this. Whatever your reason is, expect that you will spend quite a lot of money in making them. That explains the inclination of many people to look into many cost-effective means of producing these cards. And as we said, there are three ways in which you can do just that: make the process of producing the customized playing cards considerably more cost-effective. First, it would be much cheaper for you as the producer of it if you do it in-house.

The only way you can do this is to have your own machine to create them. Consider some intervening factors if you want to know whether you made the correct decision or not in your overall strategy. This would, of course, depend on the frequency of how you go about the process of creating these playing cards. If, for instance, you find yourself having to produce the customized playing cards almost every other week, you may run numbers only to realize that you can save substantial sums of money by getting the cards produced in-house.

Do not be afraid of the prospect of buying the machine or equipment to create this. Unlike in the past, they are much more affordable now. You can use your personal computer to create the design and incorporate graphics into your custom playing cards. Now, for the actual output, you'd have to use a printer. And as we all know, printers are not that expensive nowadays.It would also be cost effective on your part as one who produces this if the manufacturing or production process is done by bulk. Bulk discounts are actually offer a lot of potential for you. You can actually expect to pay half the price for each deck if you buy in bulk rather than buy it in single orders.The third way in which you can make the process of producing this is more cost effective would be by opting for the cards to be made out of the more affordable materials.

You have the option between plastic playing cards and playing cards made from a paper material. The latter would prove to be more affordable than the plastic. Proper printing and good printing quality will have you producing a stunning deck of cards that would look as good as the plastic ones, even if you made use of paper material.

What Makes A Great Video Game

It's been debated over several forums across the years what makes a good video game. Is it the graphics, storyline or innovative gameplay? Quite frankly it's all of these elements combined into making a great video game for consoles and PC. With the continuous evolution of technology, games are pushing the boundaries of hardware and graphics. When the first game was developed, every game was pixel based. For example, 16-bit, 256-bit and so forth. Games nowadays still depend on pixel and polygons however, the characters and environments are more defined. With that said, characters and environments are then intertwined with a solid story which must be progressed by the player to reach the end.

The way the game is designed is one of the pulling factors which allows gamers to purchase it. Characters and the storyline are two of the most compelling elements in a game. So much so if real world players can relate to the characters, it makes the game much more powerful. Gamers can relate to the characters' resolve thus, in a sense, understand what they are going through. There are numerous titles on the market today based on storylines alone; these games fall into the category as fantasy, sci-fi and role playing games. Creating an attachment with characters allows game developers to develop sequels which explore other elements of the characters as well. In doing so, developers can create new stories pulling the gamers into that niche and discovering others. This is what drives game developers to continue making new games for a growing fanbase.

In addition to characters and plots, another element in games are its gameplay. If a game contains beautifully modeled environments and characters but a poor battle/strategy mechanic, the game is immediately unappealing. Gamers need to be able to over come battles successfully in the quickest way possible without struggling too much on battle mechanics. Some games introduce a very confusing user interface and a long tutorial which becomes an immediate turn-off to players. No gamer wants to read paragraphs of tutorials for a complicated UI. They may remember the functions in the beginning but over time, the player may quit the game for a week. Upon their return, they may forget how the commands work thus, frustration can arise.

As conclusion, a great game is defined by a solid storyline, characters that relate to gamers and an innovative gameplay. With the constant introduction of new ideas and technology, these two elements can be woven into a great gameplay. There are a multitude of titles on the market right now with original ideas, characters and gameplay for old and new gamers to discover.

Card Counting Facts

Counting cards was first proven to beat the game of blackjack in 1956 by a mathematician named Roger Baldwin. Since then; names like Ken Uston, Lawrence Revere, Stamford Wong and Edward Thorpe have added their own additions to card counting strategies. It is a simple method that is used to tell us when we are more likely to win or lose the next hand in the game of blackjack, (it's a little like predicting the future). It tells us when the ratio of big cards outweighs the ratio of small cards which is crucial in beating the game. The three things that card counting tells us are: when the dealer is more likely to break (get over 21), when we are more likely to get better hands and when our chances of getting blackjack have increased.

With the revolution of the computer age came the invention of the simulator. These simulators can calculate any outcome within an accuracy of 99.98%; they are used in almost all fields including math, science and aerodynamics. They can simulate any event millions of times in a short period so that the outcome can be analyzed for results. We have used these simulators to calculate the exact way to play, the exact way to bet, the exact amount of bankroll you need for any size table and the exact amount of money you will make every hour that you play. There are very few people that have actually done this but the good news is one of them has...

There are typically 3 different levels of card counting strategies that you could choose to learn. The value assigned to each individual card determines its complexity and accuracy. As cards are being dealt during a game of blackjack, it affects the cards that remain. Having a value assigned to each card as they are dealt allows you to mathematically determine whether the remaining cards have increased your chances of winning or not. Each card affects the remaining cards slightly differently than the other; it is for this reason only that Level 2 and Level 3 counts exist. The benefit of using a Level 2 or a Level 3 count is that they are more accurate and therefore increase your overall profit. Finding the perfect balance between ease and accuracy however is crucial.

Level 1: This count is most often referred to as a High/Low count, it is the easiest to learn but will yield the least amount of profit. Each card is assigned either a value of +1 or -1.

The assigned values are as follows:
• 2 through 6. These cards are counted as +1 as they are dealt.
• 7, 8`s and 9`s. These cards are assigned no value and are therefore ignored as they are dealt.
• 10`s and Aces. These cards are counted as -1 as they are dealt.

Level 2 and Level 3 counts have different values assigned to each card (instead of just +1 or -1). In a level 2 count some cards will be assigned a value of +2 and -2, and obviously in a level 3 count some cards will have a value of +3 or -3. Level 3 counts are more difficult to do at the table; this increases stress and can cause an unacceptable amount of mistakes that can ultimately cost you your overall advantage.

Factors that affect the overall advantage of card counting:
• The knowledge of basic strategy.
• Knowing when and how to violate basic strategy when it is required.
• The method used to convert the running count into the true count.
• The betting spread that is applied.
• The number of decks in the game (single, double or multi deck).
• Penetration points (where the dealer places the cut card to signify a reshuffle)
• The amount of hands played per hour.
• The casino rules.
• Which level count is being applied!

*These are all of the factors that affect your overall advantage when counting cards. The more accurate your count is the less these factors will influence your hourly rate, bankroll requirements and length of losing periods, etc. More information on these factors below

Q1. Is there any betting system that can beat the game... No!

Without going into the complete logistics of the game, we have found it impossible to beat any game that has a natural disadvantage with any betting system (such as a progressive, anti progressive or martingale system). Since time began man has been trying to devise the `perfect` system to beat the casino`s (or any other game or sport, etc) but has never been able to do it. The fact that casinos still exist and are flourishing is testament to this fact. If there was such a system it certainly wouldn't remain a secret for long, mankind is not very trustworthy with keeping secrets, especially one of this magnitude.

You can find these so called `perfect systems` in almost any form of media. Some of them are very well written and full of hype and are even extremely tempting to try but the truth is none of them work. The only people making money from these so called `perfect systems` are the people selling them. If any of them worked it would actually destroy the game it was designed to beat and therefore the game would no longer be offered to the public.

The bottom line is... any system you use, whether it's a card counting strategy or a betting system; it has to actually give you an advantage over the game for it to work. Any `system` that claims to be able to beat a game with a natural disadvantage just by the way you bet is a lie. No matter how much you bet or how you bet it, a betting system will NOT eliminate the disadvantage any game has over you. The reason that card counting works is simple; the proven mathematical based strategies actually give an advantage over the game itself.

Q2. Does card counting work and is it worth doing... Yes!

There are three questions that need to be answered here:
1. Is it easy enough so that anyone can do it?
2. How much bankroll do I need to start?
3. Does it make enough money to live on?

I have studied and tested every card counting method available, millions of simulations were needed to be run on each individual method and each individual hand to compare one against the other. I tested them for two things, ease and accuracy. It's of no use to learn the most difficult card counting method if it`s too hard to do at the table. It is also of no use to learn the easiest card counting method if it doesn't make enough money to easily replace an income.

Problems with blackjack
• Most card counting strategies are too difficult to do at the table
• Almost all card counting courses do not arm you with all of the information you need. They don't tell you things like bankroll requirements, how much you will make per hour on different size tables or how different casino rules or the amount of decks in play affect your overall percentage. Other pertinent information such as penetration points or camouflage methods is also missing.
• The most important thing about any card counting method is that it has to be the easiest to do and the most accurate possible. Having this perfect combination eliminates mistakes and makes you the most money per hour. This allows you to start with the smallest bankroll and secure your profits in the smallest amount of time.

Having the perfect combination of Ease and Accuracy will:
• Allow you to start with the smallest bankroll
• Be very easy to do which will eliminate mistakes
• Make as twice as much per hour as all other card counters
• Be unaffected by bad casino rules
• Secure your hourly profits quicker than any other count

All of the relevant factors about the game of Blackjack, explained.

Basic Strategy: Basic strategy is a set of rules that tell you when to hit, stand, double or split. It gives you the optimum mathematical decision to make in almost every situation.

Violations to Basic Strategy: There are some situations when basic strategy is not the optimum way to play a hand. This is determined by the hand we have and the true count at the time. When both of these occasional criteria are met at the same time, we temporarily change our basic strategy to reflect the optimum mathematical decision.

Converting the Running Count into the True Count: The true count is simply the running count divided by the amount of ½ decks left in the game. For example; if you're running count was +8 and there was 1 deck left in the un played cards, your true count would be +4 (1 deck = 2 x ½ decks, so the equation is simply 8 divided by 2). The true count determines how to play the hand (whether we are temporarily changing our basic strategy or not) and how much to bet on the next hand, therefore this calculation has to be done just prior to making both of these decisions.

The Betting Spread: The betting spread is simply the amount you bet on your next hand according to the true count. It has to be sufficient enough to give you a good hourly rate without attracting any undue attention in the casino.

The Number of Decks in the Game: The amount of decks in the game will directly affect your overall advantage. Every deck that is added to a game of blackjack reduces your overall advantage by.10 percent. This means that if your overall advantage on a single deck game was 2%, it would be reduced to around 1.3% in an 8 deck game. It is therefore obviously better to play a single or double deck game as opposed to an 8 deck shoe game.

Penetration Point: The penetration point is where the dealer puts the cut card to signify where the last hand will be before the cards are reshuffled. As long as the dealer is not cutting off more than a quarter of the cards prior to dealing them, then this will not be an issue (this reduces the number of profitable hands you get to play before the cards are reshuffled). If a dealer is consistently cutting off more than a quarter of the cards it will make the game unprofitable.

The Number of Hands Played Per Hour: To calculate how much any card counting method will make per hour you need to know two things: how many hands you play in an hour and the overall advantage your card counting method gives you. The advantage that counting gives you means that you actually make x amount of profit per hand, so the more hands you play; the more profit you make. A conservative number of hands you will play per hour are around 100. Casino`s expect their dealers to have a competency rate of over 100 hands per hour.

Casino Rules: Some casino`s have slightly different rules than others when it comes to their blackjack tables. Some casino`s for example will let you re-split aces or double on any first two cards where others won`t. The rules that you find from one casino to another only differ slightly and don`t have any real bearing on your overall advantage, or your hourly rate. Most casino`s offer rules that players like, this is to entice players to play at their establishment.

Different Level Counts: This factor is one of the more important. Your overall advantage is mainly determined by the values given to each of the individual cards. The accuracy of your counting method effects everything, it affects how much bankroll you need, how much you will make every hour and how long you could wait before your hourly rate is realized. Using a level 2 count that is both easy and accurate (instead of a basic High/Low count) will almost double your profits and halve your bankroll requirements. Having a count that is both easy and accurate is considered to be a perfect combination.

About the author
With the assistance of a professor of statistics I have studied and tested every card counting method available. I have also dealt and supervised the game in Australia and the United States. Millions of simulations were needed to be run on each individual method and each individual hand to compare one against the other. I went on further to find out how much bankroll was needed to start and how much each betting spread made per hour. This crucial information was developed by me and is not available anywhere else.

Access to the `Perfect Count` can be gained by clicking the link below. This perfect combination of both ease and accuracy contains everything that has been mentioned above. This is the Perfect Count.

Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta: Review

To start off, I thought the mixed reviewed Medal of Honor 2010 was a solid entry in the franchise. I thought it had a very fun single player campaign and I found myself actually caring at some points about the characters. The multiplayer on the other hand, had a lot of potential. It couldnt decide if it wanted to be more like COD or Battlefield and it ended up being a mess. The close quarters were fun at some points and the long range sucked. It only had a few game modes and even fewer guns. So when I herd a sequel was coming out I got super excited!

The Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta is good. Its definitely not great, but its the biggest step ever, over the first MOH's multiplayer. The multiplayer is so much more realized then before. Its running on the Frostbite 2 engine, the same as Battlefield 3 and looks just as good! Theres six different classes you can play with and a few guns. There's only one game type. This is a great way to show the new MOH to the public and get them interested.

The gameplay is very balanced, no gun felt like it was overpowered and gave an advantage. The kill streaks are great, there's offensive and defensive ones. When ever you get a kill streak you can pick which one you want to use. I found myself using the defensive killstreak a lot more than offensive. These killstreaks really help your team out and it rewards you for it.

Unlike Battlefield 3, MOH Warfighter doesn't have squads, but instead has battle buddies. You can choose to spawn on your partner or at a fall back spawn. I like this element a lot and think it works a little better then the squad system. The name of the game is team work. You and your partner need to work together, you can get points off of each other. You get points for you partner killing someone, avenging you or you avenging them, assisting them, and spawning on them. If you are the leading squad on the winning team you get a cut scene with your characters in it.

Running and gunning will get you killed every time in this game, so don't even attempt it. Stay patient and wait for the opportunity to strike. Use you partner as backup and use other partners as support. This game is very tactical and I think it does a better job at doing so then Battlefield 3. Yes, I said it. Even in B3, I can be a lone wolf and be successful. In this you might be able to get a couple kills, but you wont last.

Overall this has gotten me super excited for the final product. Its a day one purchase for me. The campaign looks great and the multiplayer player looks like loads of fun.

Final Score: 8.4