5 Benefits of Playing PS Move Games

Are you a PS3 gamer? You probably already know that there's an add-on called PlayStation Move that will let you to play some games using your body as the controller. But, do you know the benefit of using this accessory? Here are 5 benefits of playing PS Move games:

1. You get the best accuracy

Playstation Move uses PS Eye camera as well as light sensor from Playstation Move controller which will ensure accuracy, even if you're playing in the dark. You'll see that your movements will go flawlessly on the screen. Most games will be able to be enjoyed in full.

2. Playing while exercising

Who says that video games make you fat? Not at all. With the coming of PlayStation Move, you can play many PS3 games while exercising. There are many games you can choose, and there are many good PS Move fitness games that you can try. So, you'll be able to get fit while gaming.

3. More hardcore games

There are many hardcore games being released that are compatible with PS Move. For example, Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, Resident Evil 5, and so on. PS Move is not a controller for children. Yes, there are also many family and fun games that you can play. But, if you want more mature games, they're also available. Besides, developers are interested in developing more hardcore games for PS Move in the coming years.

4. It's more fun playing with friends

You can held a little party and let your friends to play Playstation Move games with you. It would be more fun. Instead of sitting in the chair, you can ask your friends to have fun exercising, dancing, playing sport games, and so on. This is how Playstation Move can make your little party more interesting and fun.

5. Cool and easy to use controller

The design of the controller itself is pretty cool. You can hold the controller comfortably in your hand. Also, there's an additional navigation controller that will help you to play the game more easily. Moreover, the controller itself is easy to use and you don't need any special practice just to use this controller.

Those are the benefits you can get from playing PS Move games. Most gamers don't consider purchasing Playstation Move controller because of various reasons. But, if you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, I suggest you to invest in this wonderful add-on for PS3.

How To Become A Werewolf In Skyrim

To become a werewolf in Skyrim you must first join The Companions, that have their headquarters in the city of Whiterun. You will first meet the clan just outside Whiterun, where you can see them fighting with one of the giants. If you aid in the killing of the giant or approach the group afterwards, you are approached by Aela who gives you more information on what and how to join The Companions.

Joining The Companions is an easy task and is achieved by talking to Kodlak in The Companion headquarters Jorrvaskr which is just up the steps on the right from the market in Whiterun. After accepting and completing all the quests from the leaders of The Companions, you will be given a final quest to collect a few items before meeting the inner circle of werewolves in the Underforge.

The Underforge is located at the back of The Companions headquarters, you will see a door cut into the rock which is under the forge. You must enter the Underforge at night where you will finally meet the inner circle of werewolves, and perform the ritual of drinking from the fountain of blood.

Drinking the blood will enter you into a mini sequence of you playing as the werewolf you have now become inside Whiterun. Being a werewolf is always a brief event and can give you some great strength, when in those tricky combat situations against multiple opponents. You can turn into a werewolf at any time, but must be careful when and where you allow this transformation to take place.

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Being A Werewolf In Skyrim

The benefits of being a werewolf in Skyrim are your health and stamina will be increased by 100 points when you transform into the beast, you will also become faster at sprinting and your hand to hand against enemies is greatly increased.

You will also have a couple of additional shouts which generate fear in your opponents that makes them run away, and a shout which allows you to call other wild wolves to come to your aid in battle.

The disadvantages of being a werewolf in Skyrim is that you cannot equip armor or loot items of dead victims. You will not be able to engage in any conversation with NPC's, and they can either become very scared or hostile towards you.

Being caught transforming into a werewolf is a major crime with the guards, and any enemy that is equipped with silver weapons does greater damage against you. You will also only be able to regain energy by eating your victims, which can be a slow process especially in the middle of combat.

Being Cured From Being A Werewolf In Skyrim

To be cured from being a werewolf which is called Lycantrophy, you must speak to Aela The Huntress in The Companions. She will offer you one final quest to cure the disease and once completed you will never be able to become a werewolf in Skyrim ever again.

SWTOR Bounty Hunter Armor Explained

When playing with the Bounty Hunter Class, we find that we can choose from (3) three types of bounty hunter armor. You can choose between Crafted Bounty Hunter Pre-CU Looted, and Post-CU. Depending on your build will determine what kind of armor you want. Let's look at this in more depth.

Pre-CU looted

The Pre-CU looted armor offers buffs in your stats and also offers certain mods for your character.We also find that there is an option known as "Dismantle" which is found in the radial menu. Using the Dismantle option will ultimately turn your armor into a Post-CU type.

Those who play as Mandalorians must dismantle their armor to get what they desire.

Post-CU looted

We find this type of armor from treasure chests and loot from the Black Sun which is outside of the Death Watch Bunker. The purpose of this armor is for item use only and cannot be equipped for any reason. This item can however, be used as Mandalorian armor crafting.

Do not attempt to enter the Death Watch Crafting Room without this type of armor or you will be wasting your time.


This type of armor is the trade of all trades. It is completely customizable and offers stats. You can only find Crafted Bounty Hunter Armor by while completing elite missions and when collected, you must have a Master Armorsmith produce what you want.

This type of armor cannot be used to create Mandalorian Armor.

While the Crafted Bounty Hunter Armor is customizable in color, it is considering Assault Armor which enables you to have high kinetic protection but offers only low amounts of energy protection.

The area to find Post-CU Armor is Yavin IV, Dathomir, and Black Sun NPC's. This is consider a rare armor and drops do not occur often when fighting mobs. Drops occur approximately once every 20-40 kills.

The Pre-CU Bounty Hunter Armor offers good options, should the armor not be turned in Mandalorian Armor. For example, you can expect upgrades like protect vs. fire and poison and ranged attacks.

If you change the armor into a Mandalorian Armor part, you will lose the mods that you applied to the armor. Be aware of that.

A typical suit for the Bounty Hunter Armor is a Belt, Boots, Pants, Gloves, (2) Bicep Arm Pieces, (2) Bracers, A Helmet, and a Chest Plate.

Playing with the Hunter and exploring different Bounty Hunter Armors make for a fun time with this game. This armor, being a one of a kind is customizable and can be made to fit your characters personality. Being able to change the colors of the armor and customize it, you find yourself in a win/win situation.

Medal of Honor Warfighter: Review

Medal of Honor Warfighter is a sequel not a lot of people wanted. But, we got it anyway. To be honest, I was really looking forward to this game, after loving MOH from 2010. MOH is now running on the Frostbite 2 engine and looks better than ever, with graphics on par with Battlefield 3. This is one of the better looking modern shooters out now. But is a new look enough to make you get this? Even when there is a wave of triple A games coming in the next weeks? The answer is a solid yes!

To start off, Im going to get the comparing out of the way. This is a perfect blend between Call of Duty and Battlefield 3 (Multiplayer wise). If your looking for a more realistic fast paced shooter thats very tactical, but played on medium sized maps, look no further. This game feels a lot like Battlefield 3 (and looks like it), which is a good thing!

This is a surprisingly tactical game. I would go as far as saying its more tactical then Battlefield. With the medium sized maps and clear objectives to follow, the game has some great moments. For example the game mode Hotspot is sort of a search and destroy mode. The team defending stays around the base scattered around guarding most points where the enemy can come. If you are attacking, the best way is too split your platoon into two groups and each group try to infitrate a flanking spot. The close quarter spaces and higher player count, call for some truly awesome moments!

If your a fan of killstreaks your in luck. While this isn't tallying up your kills to reward you, it does count up your points. After getting so many points your presented with your kill streak. When you get a streak you have the option to choose from Offensive or Defensive. I really enjoy the option and each of them really help out the team. For example the first streak you earn is the option for a mortar attack (offensive), or a smoke screen(defensive). Both are very useful.

There are a few modes (way more than the last MOH). There are a bunch of guns, with a lot of customizaton options. There are six different classes to chose from, each one having a new look, different kill streaks and stuff like that. I do not know how many ranks there are, but I know there's a ton load.

The campaign seems very fun so far. I enjoyed the hell out of the last MOH campaign. This one seems to be following the same footsteps, giving an emotional journey. This is a highlight for a first person shooter, because most campaigns are horrible. This one is actually worth the play through.

If Medal of Honor Warfighter can have steady updates that fix bugs and other issues, that would be great. Also release a few map packs or other DLC that offers new guns, game modes, or customization options. Things like that keep the community still interested in the game and also brings new players to the game as well. They already have an update right when you start the game, it fixes a lot of things. They also already have a DLC releasing in December, to go along with the new film Zero Dark Thirty. So the next few months look good for the multiplayer aspect of the game.

Medal of Honor is now back in the first person shooter arena and its great. I feel like it has its own identity now and can stand toe to toe with the other big releases this year. I think if your into these kinds of games, you should definitely give it a shot. If not, just skip it. MOH Warfighter doesn't re-invent the wheel, but it sure does add some nice rims to it!

Final Score: 8.4