Hidden Object Games - Why Hidden Is So Interesting?

We, human beings can't help but love looking for hidden objects and uncovering their secrets. Searching for hidden things is deeply etched within our DNA, from the ancient times when our ancestors had to travel great distances in search for food in order to survive. We all also probably remember at least one story from our childhood involving the hunt for a buried treasure full of gold, many of us secretly hoping that it would turn up in our garden if we just dug deep enough.

Well, thanks to hidden object games you can now experience the great feeling of treasure hunting without getting your hands dirty! So what are hidden object games? As their name suggests, these games challenge the player to find a small object on a static image which is usually cluttered with all sorts of other items to make the quest harder. In most cases, there is a time limit so the player has to race against the clock, making the challenge even harder. The items are usually hidden in various mystical and intriguing places, which are sure to arouse the curiosity of the player. The typical settings include; haunted houses, castles, ancient Egyptian sites but also peaceful natural locations such as jungles and forests.

These games are suitable for players of all ages and are guaranteed to entertain everyone, especially the adventurous types. However, besides being great fun, hidden object games are actually very beneficial for developing and improving real-life skills. These include valuable skills such as logic and concentration. By playing the time-limited version of the game which requires a great deal of concentration and agility while staying calm, the player can also learn to improve his performance under stressful conditions.

Worth mentioning are also other variations of the hidden object games. These include for example the "hidden alphabet" or "hidden numbers" games, where the goal is to find random letters or numbers scattered on the picture. This variation of the game might be particularly useful for children in pre-school age, who are just learning to recognize individual numbers and letters. Another very popular variation is the "find-the-difference" game, where the player is presented with two pictures and has to find several small differences between them. The game can be played in two ways. The easier way is to look at both pictures side-by-side and identify the differences. The second, harder variation of this game involves seeing the original picture for a limited amount of time, after which it disappears and is replaced by the altered version. The player is then asked to point out what changed compared to the original picture. This can be very tricky but it's a fantastic way to improve your visual memory skills.

In conclusion, hidden object games are a great form of entertainment which satisfies our inner desire to search for hidden things. Although the reward might not be a trunk full of gold, the satisfaction and skills that you gain by playing these games are well worth it!

FIFA 13 Ultimate Team Formations

The Importance Of Understanding ALL FIFA Formations

A basic knowledge of all formations and their strength's and weaknesses should be the foundation of how we proceed through the team building process. We cannot depend on having only expertise in the formations we use and are good at it.

Reasons that we must become astute in every FUT formations are:

  1. Its much easier to gameplan against your opponents when you know the theories involved with THEIR formations.
  2. Knowing the strengths of different formations allows you to adapt and change strategies to fit changes on your teams roster, if need be.
  3. This will give you real flexibility when building your FIFA 13 Teams.
  4. You will ultimately become a much better trader at the Market Place.
  5. Knowledge of ALL formations will undoubtedly increase your understanding of EACH and EVERY formation by itself.
  6. The more you know about the game the more you will appreciate it.

Complete List Of FIFA Ultimate Team Formations


This formation, as is any formation with 4 or more in the backfield, is a strong defensive formation. Very useful for quick forwards and teams that utilize counter-attacks often.


Of all the '5' formations, this one is used least. Another formation that requires a better than average center forward - mostly because the majority of play is going to come through the middle. Basically your center forward is backed by 2 CM's, while he supports the 2 strikers. When using this formation, build your team with counter attacking in mind.


This is a favorite among many players. As it is a defensive formation that allows for a lot of attack opportunities. You will need talented wing-backs that can quickly make space and create instant opportunities for the midfielders to advance the ball through the middle. This should also create nice options as there are 3 midfielders that can distribute to the strikers from almost any part of the field.


A well rounded formation -the3-4-1-2 hinges on your center forward. Spare very little to find yourself a dominate player at this position, as he will be your main set-up man for the strikers. What you will lack in defense you will make up for when advancing the ball up field.


Here we have just 1 striker - supported by the left and right forwards. The forwards must be able to create wider shape on the offensive side of the field, making room for solid scoring opportunities for the lone striker. You must have above average center backs to prevent your opponents from creating too much space around YOUR corner flags.


Designed for players that find success in crossing the ball from side to side, looking for opportunities near the opponents flags. Keep solid players in your backfield - with only 3 defenders, they must be able to handle many tough situations.


2 CDM's will help create better support for your defense, which will be much needed with this slightly altered midfield scenario. In this formation, the CAM, who plays forward in the midfield, should be an outstanding ball handler. He will likely carry much of the workload. Your 2 midfielders will also double as wingbacks, meaning that they will have to be young and in outstanding physical condition.


With a diamond shaped midfield, this is a more balanced formation widely used by many players. This standard formation has many players that like to use it -therefor player cards will ultimately cost you more. Keep this in mind when building your team and when heading to the player marketplace.


Used for ball possession near your opponents box - there are no midfielder or wingers. Instead, you will use CAM's on either side of the field, providing balance and flexibility for moving up and down the field. And because there will be only 1 striker - you must pay for a top-notch player. When he gets an opportunity, he must be able to make the most of it.


Similar to the 4-2-3-1, this formation uses two strikers and no center forward in the hole. With it, you will use two defensive midfielders and two ATTACKING midfielders. This is more suited to leagues with an abundance of CDM's and CAM's on opposing teams.


This formation is about ball advancement through the center of the field. You will use 3 midfielders and 2 forward's - and the center forward who will be the 'go-to' guy for advancing the ball between the 2 set's of position's. Use this formation is you are more comfortable moving the ball in a straight line up the field instead of side to side.


Using forwards to assist a single striker, the 4-3-2-1 formation is built for putting pressure on your opponents. This is the formation that high level FIFA Ultimate Team players prefer - and should be used only after gaining experience with straight up the middle gameplay.


Known for it's abnormal style, the 4-3-3 take's a lot of getting used to. The timing and ball movement can also hinder your opponent's if you get a good handle on your player's and there spacing. With 3 CM's that must be excellent ball handler's, you must make sure that all 3 are above average at their position's. They will be the glue that hold this formation together - as they will have to be able to buy time for setting up center midfielder's.


There is one difference in this formation set-up compared to the 4-3-3, and that is that one of the striker's will move into the hole. This is so that the center forward can hold the ball and create even better opportunities for the lone striker. Used by the best team's in the World, you must be able to pass the ball efficiently to make this work.


If you are just starting out on the FUT game's, this would be a great way to become accustomed to playing. It's very safe and offer's the type of balanced needed as not to find yourself in a lot of tough situation's. Great for building a good, all-around team.


This formation uses 5 player's in the midfield area. A possession based scheme, mainly for controlling the ball in and around the center of the field. With 1 striker and 2 CAM's to support him, the striker will be better suited as someone who can breakdown defense's with his skill's. Because of the number of players bunched up at the center of the field, you must wait for the right opportunities before trying to advance the ball.

Putting Your Formations To Work

Once you have given the different formation's a look, go ahead and practice trying each one out. Get a feel for what is needed to utilize them to their full potential. Try to create a correlation between what you have read and what is happening during games.

This is a great way to become more confident on the field - and off the field when trading player's and building team's.

Most Popular Genres of Video Games

Video games have been increasing in their mass popularity with the coming of every new generation. The international gaming industry is surely keeping pace with this market demand by developing more genres which are surpassing their predecessors by a long shot. Today, we can find the widest genre and type of video games in the market and this industry has become so dynamic and technologically advanced that gamers have never had such a great choice of quality products to choose from up till now!

As every person has his or her own favorite list of video games, it is all the more important to choose the most suitable and enjoyable type for the perfect gaming experience. So here is a brief introduction on the various types of today's most popular video games that have been sorted out into different genres on the basics of their game-play and interactive features:

FPS - FPS which stands for First Person Shooter, is mainly based around the player and is played through his perspective alone. FPS games usually involve various types of firearms and projectile weapons but there are off beat games as well including samurai and other combat styles which make the use of knives and swords. The concentration level required for this genre is moderate which is why FPS games are popular among both experienced as well as amateur gamers.

Role Playing - RPG's or Role Playing Games have developed into one of the most popular genres in today's gaming industry. These games basically require players to virtually get into a role playing mode which is backed up by an interesting story board with various quests and levels to achieve throughout the whole game. The Final Fantasy Series of RPGs is one such popular example which is extremely popular among gamers from all across the globe.

Real Time Strategy - If you love a mentally challenging game, then you are sure to get hooked onto RTS games if you are not already a fan! Real Time Strategy games challenge the reasoning and logical aptitude of players and offer a great variety of options to choose from including one of the top RTS games of today's times, the Star Craft II which is a gripping war battle based in the 26th Century.

MMOG's - Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) are the rage with today's internet savvy generation and works on the basis of multiplayer online interaction. MMOG's can be based on First Person Shooter games, Role Playing Games or Real Time Strategy games to name a few but involve a group of players who are online at the same time. Nowadays the best quality MMOGs are the ones that are available in 3D mode which makes them a really exhilarating and real life experience for gamers.

Apart from the four popular genres that have been mentioned above, video games are also available under the labels of action, adventure and racing genres. A great way to explore the exciting world of gaming is to work through the various types of genres so that you are well aware of the latest and the most technologically advanced video games that are being released regularly and we assure you that you are sure to find your own personal favorites amongst them!

The Best Basketball Game Ever

My love and passion for basketball cannot be described with one word. What a great sport! Only the fittest athletes can compete at the highest levels. Fortunately, 2k13 allows me to express my love for basketball beyond my physical limitations. The 2k Franchise has been the best selling basketball game in recent years. No other game on the market compares. There are some so many things that make it different from any game out there.

This game has official licensing which sets it apart. Players are designed with the latest uniforms and shoes. Imagine playing with your favorite player wearing the latest pair of Nike. Everything is realistic about this game. The interactive features allow the user to change everything from the players shoes to the tape that is used to support an injury. The players actually develop sweat that you can easily see as the game progresses. Be cautious not to overly use any player because they will tire. If you are not cautious the player can get injured.

The flow of the game is fantastic. Running a fast break can lead to some of the most exciting alley-oops. 2k13 does not give you the arcade experience that you may see in other video games. The player movement is natural and fluid. The fans in the seats actually look realistic and react to what is going in the game. The graphics for this game are amazing. They are such high quality that you can see reflections off the court. The resolution is so high that you can even see if a player has skin issues.

The online features are what make this game different from any other game out there. As long as you have service the game provides real time information. Everything from the latest schedules to injuries is updated via the net. The announcers even give current scores of real games that took place that day. The attributes will adjust to the real life performance of the players. So if your favorite player is going through a shooting slump, the game will adjust accordingly. The best feature is the ability to compete online. You can challenge anyone in the world with an internet connection.

This game has become so popular that their biggest competitor has not released a game in three seasons. At one point I swore my loyalty the competition, but once I played 2k I never looked back. If you are looking for the most realistic game for sale, give this one a try.

Top 10 Wii U Games

The Nintendo Wii U has recently been released and I have previewed all the Wii u games and here are the top 10 Wii U games I would recommend, in alphabetical order.

Assassin's Creed III, this is set against the backdrop of the American Revolution in the late 18th century, Assassin's Creed III introduces a new hero, Ratohnhaké:ton, of Native American and English heritage. Adopting the name Connor, he becomes the new voice for justice in the ancient war between the Assassins and Templars.

Batman- Arkham City: you get to search the city of Gotham with some of the most dangerous criminals including Catwoman, The Joker, The Riddler, Two-Face, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, Mr. Freeze and others, with this game you genuinely experience what it feels like to be The Dark Knight delivering justice on the streets of Gotham City.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Zombies features three different ways to survive the zombie apocalypse. Set in the year 2025 the weapons and cities are futuristic. This is game is for Mature players only, the Wii U have a large selection of shooting games, but this is the one most of you have been waiting for.

Injustice Gods Among Us looks to be so much fun, you get to play your superhero, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Harley Quinn, Solomon Grundy, Nightwing, Cyborg and others. Set in a world where the lines between good and evil; you will experience heroes and villains engaging in lots of different battles on a very large scale.

Nintendo have so many good dance games so I am sure the Just Dance 4 has the best music with over 40 tracks from a variety of top artists, popular genres and hot billboard songs like "Good Feeling" by Flo Rida, and "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 ft. Christina Aguilera. Also features legendary artists such as Barry White and The B-52's to get the whole family up and moving.

Mario Bros. U is the symbol of Nintendo gaming and Mario, Luigi, Toads, Yoshi, Mills, Browser, Browser Jr, Koopalings and Boom-Boom explore the Mushroom Kingdom. Then coming up later in 2013 is Super Mario -Galaxy Tam Project.

Nintendo Land is a very special place for your kids to play and have fun; there are 12 very popular theme parks for them to play in Mario Chase, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda: Battle Quest, Pikmin Adventure, Ninja Castle, Balloon Trip Breeze just to name some of the more popular ones.

Then we have Pikmin 3, this is awesome on the Wii U HD console, you become a colorful Pikmin ant and take on the world from a whole new prospectus. You can be a red, yellow, blue, pink Pikmin or the latest to join the forces is Rock Pikmin which has some new features.

Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 is the best Wii U fitness games with 125 different workouts and 215 moves, giving you a massive array of activities to choose from. Best of all, Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2013 can create a personalized fitness program lasting up to four weeks tailored to your current fitness level and preferences.

Finally the 10th game to make it into the top 10 is Zombi U, anyone that enjoys a good action game this is pretty cool on the Wii U, featured in London the disease ridden city has been taken over by Zombie and it is your job to get rid of the Zombies and return London back to its normal existence.

That is my highly recommend Wii U games, but make sure you check out all the reviews and videos of the Top 10 Wii U Games

Top Reasons Why Real-Life Simulation Games Have Become Popular

Do you also play online games? A lot of people are so into them these days. As the internet becomes more advanced, so do the kinds of online games you can play. Some of them can be quite difficult, especially if you're not experienced. Take the case of massively multi-player online role-playing games. However, there are also those with really simple platforms. Perhaps the easiest ones to play are those that simulate real-life activities, like building a house, running a restaurant, or taking care of a pet. These kinds of games have been incorporated into social networking sites, too.

So what is the appeal of these types of online games? Basically, there are three major reasons why more people prefer them to highly technical ones that depend much on skill. First of all, you don't even need skill to play them. You simply have to have a stable internet connection in order to run the scripts on each page. Then, you just have to set up an account and username to start playing. Usually, you will be made to choose your character or pet and customize it. This is one of the features that people love because they can make their character or pets really unique.

Second, you get to let your imagination work with these kinds of games. For example, if you play one wherein you have to take care of a pet, you will definitely enjoy the various activities. You will get to dress your pet up, build its house and decorate the same, go shopping, and so much more. You can also let your pet visit interesting places on that virtual world and discover new items and abilities. All these you can accomplish with the click of your mouse button. There's no need for a controller like the ones in gaming consoles.

Third, you can get actual items from these games! Once you have accumulated a certain number of points when buying stuff in the game, you can exchange these for actual items. Most of these kinds of online games have great sponsors and they give away awesome freebies. If you play a pet game, for example, you can exchange your points for real food coupons or vouchers. You can even get customized keychains, shirts, plushies, and so much more. It's no wonder more and more people have become really addicted to these fun hobbies. Last but not the least, it's a very wholesome pastime you and your family can enjoy!