Did You Know a Gamer's System Is More Prone to Malicious Online Hacking Than Anyone Else's?

Have you ever considered the fact that your computer and your privacy could be at risk when you go online? If you are into gaming, you would know how many endless hours you have to sit in one session when a game is going on. If someone tells you to secure your computer, you would probably think: What do I have that I would like to protect? To understand why and what is the need of such a protection, read on. The following is a brief overview of what wrong can happen when you go online and leave your data unprotected.

The Biggest Breach in Gaming History

Valve Corporation was founded by two Microsoft employees in 1996 and became hugely popular for its "Half Life Series". "Counter Strike", "Team Fortress" and "Day of Defeat" are a few of hugely popular games. Its social network Steam delivers games to millions of people around the globe. And millions are active members of its message forums. Such a huge corporation with such a huge database and such stupendous following was hacked! Yes, even the big names in the industry get hit by malicious attacks. That breach made Valve's users to go offline for a very short time yet it made a huge impact.

The head of Valve told people that all their information was accessible to that attacker. This information included names, phone numbers, billing addresses, usernames and passwords, date of births and the scariest of them all: credit card information. With passwords and username, they can get into your social networking accounts and just imagine how much information they can obtain from there! No need to tell what credit card information can do. So, if a huge name like valve can get hit; just think where you stand!

Another Major Breach: Sony PlayStation

Even a bigger online breach was Sony PlayStation that affected even double the number of internet users than those that got affected from Valve breach. In 2011, Sony told its users that their private data could have been invaded and that data included all that that is mentioned above and more. It was such a huge blow that it was like a giant kneeling down in a matter of a few seconds.

All these examples clearly explain why there is a need for online security for gamers as they log on to their favorite sites, leave their information there, purchase games and leave their credit card information there. In short, gamers are at more risk than the average user and need to protect their data from malicious attempts of online hackers.