Scrabble Dictionary: Helping Hand for Scrabble Players

The Scrabble dictionary is an important tool in the game of Scrabble; In fact it is inappropriate to start a game of Scrabble without one. This is because in the course of the game, one might need to 'contest' a word by another player; a word which appears to be forged. Such situations usually arise in a Scrabble game hence players as a rule agree on a particular it to use in contesting such words.

Using a dictionary for Scrabble when you are not contesting a word by an opponent is usually termed cheating. Players are expected to study the tough words prior to the game but as the game starts, the Scrabble dictionary is only consulted when an opponent's word is being contested. If such word is not found in the dictionary, it is rejected.

So which is the best dictionary for Scrabble? There are standard Scrabble dictionaries today but what gives one an advantage over the other is its word bank. Scrabble dictionaries accommodate a number of 'not-too-regular' words. These might be missing in the everyday dictionary but must be contained in the non standard dictionary to make up for the numerous consonants in the game. So don't be too bothered when you find some words in the Scrabble dictionary but not in your everyday dictionary.

Players who are unable to get the standard dictionary for Scrabble can use any available dictionary but must note that some Scrabble words might not be found there otherwise, they can refer to various online Scrabble dictionaries while playing. This is advisable as these dictionaries guarantee a massive bank of words that will give players the liberty to form words they believe is right.

The use of the Scrabble dictionary is indispensable in a game of Scrabble. Players are advised to ensure they opt for dictionaries that are rich in words but if such is not handy or available, they can refer to the internet for help. For the player who always 'contests' the words formed by an opponent, he must also realize that he loses his turn if the contested word is found in the dictionary.

Scrabble dictionary is a good helping hand for Scrabble players who seek the good guidance for improving the game. It is a source of increasing vocabulary which is so essential for scoring high points in this game. It is so good for educational point of view as well.