SWTOR Bounty Hunter Armor Explained

When playing with the Bounty Hunter Class, we find that we can choose from (3) three types of bounty hunter armor. You can choose between Crafted Bounty Hunter Pre-CU Looted, and Post-CU. Depending on your build will determine what kind of armor you want. Let's look at this in more depth.

Pre-CU looted

The Pre-CU looted armor offers buffs in your stats and also offers certain mods for your character.We also find that there is an option known as "Dismantle" which is found in the radial menu. Using the Dismantle option will ultimately turn your armor into a Post-CU type.

Those who play as Mandalorians must dismantle their armor to get what they desire.

Post-CU looted

We find this type of armor from treasure chests and loot from the Black Sun which is outside of the Death Watch Bunker. The purpose of this armor is for item use only and cannot be equipped for any reason. This item can however, be used as Mandalorian armor crafting.

Do not attempt to enter the Death Watch Crafting Room without this type of armor or you will be wasting your time.


This type of armor is the trade of all trades. It is completely customizable and offers stats. You can only find Crafted Bounty Hunter Armor by while completing elite missions and when collected, you must have a Master Armorsmith produce what you want.

This type of armor cannot be used to create Mandalorian Armor.

While the Crafted Bounty Hunter Armor is customizable in color, it is considering Assault Armor which enables you to have high kinetic protection but offers only low amounts of energy protection.

The area to find Post-CU Armor is Yavin IV, Dathomir, and Black Sun NPC's. This is consider a rare armor and drops do not occur often when fighting mobs. Drops occur approximately once every 20-40 kills.

The Pre-CU Bounty Hunter Armor offers good options, should the armor not be turned in Mandalorian Armor. For example, you can expect upgrades like protect vs. fire and poison and ranged attacks.

If you change the armor into a Mandalorian Armor part, you will lose the mods that you applied to the armor. Be aware of that.

A typical suit for the Bounty Hunter Armor is a Belt, Boots, Pants, Gloves, (2) Bicep Arm Pieces, (2) Bracers, A Helmet, and a Chest Plate.

Playing with the Hunter and exploring different Bounty Hunter Armors make for a fun time with this game. This armor, being a one of a kind is customizable and can be made to fit your characters personality. Being able to change the colors of the armor and customize it, you find yourself in a win/win situation.