5 Benefits of Playing PS Move Games

Are you a PS3 gamer? You probably already know that there's an add-on called PlayStation Move that will let you to play some games using your body as the controller. But, do you know the benefit of using this accessory? Here are 5 benefits of playing PS Move games:

1. You get the best accuracy

Playstation Move uses PS Eye camera as well as light sensor from Playstation Move controller which will ensure accuracy, even if you're playing in the dark. You'll see that your movements will go flawlessly on the screen. Most games will be able to be enjoyed in full.

2. Playing while exercising

Who says that video games make you fat? Not at all. With the coming of PlayStation Move, you can play many PS3 games while exercising. There are many games you can choose, and there are many good PS Move fitness games that you can try. So, you'll be able to get fit while gaming.

3. More hardcore games

There are many hardcore games being released that are compatible with PS Move. For example, Killzone 3, SOCOM 4, Resident Evil 5, and so on. PS Move is not a controller for children. Yes, there are also many family and fun games that you can play. But, if you want more mature games, they're also available. Besides, developers are interested in developing more hardcore games for PS Move in the coming years.

4. It's more fun playing with friends

You can held a little party and let your friends to play Playstation Move games with you. It would be more fun. Instead of sitting in the chair, you can ask your friends to have fun exercising, dancing, playing sport games, and so on. This is how Playstation Move can make your little party more interesting and fun.

5. Cool and easy to use controller

The design of the controller itself is pretty cool. You can hold the controller comfortably in your hand. Also, there's an additional navigation controller that will help you to play the game more easily. Moreover, the controller itself is easy to use and you don't need any special practice just to use this controller.

Those are the benefits you can get from playing PS Move games. Most gamers don't consider purchasing Playstation Move controller because of various reasons. But, if you want to take your gaming experience to the next level, I suggest you to invest in this wonderful add-on for PS3.