Level Your Spell Casting Skills In Skyrim Quickly

If you are frustrated at how slow your restoration, alteration, illusion, conjuration and destruction spell casting skills are leveling in Skyrim. Then this guide will show you the best methods to ensure you are able to level your skills in spell casting a lot quicker.

Any true potential conjurer will first acquaint themselves with magic by joining the College In Winterhold, where fellow amateur conjurers congregate to learn the art of spell casting in Skyrim. To join the college you must first speak to Faralda, who gives you the easy task of conjuring a Flame Atronach. If you don't current have this spell then you can simply purchase it from Faralda.

The Art Of Leveling Spell Casting Skills In Skyrim

To raise your Restoration level quickly you should seek out an extremely weak opponent such as a wolf, and let the beast attack you so your energy depletes then you just cast the Heal spell. If you are an accomplished conjurer you can use the Equilibrium spell from Alteration, that once cast raises your magicka at the expense of your health. You then just balance between using the Equilibrium spell and any healing spell you possess.

To quickly level in Alteration you need to possess the Oakflesh spell and just repeatedly cast it on yourself. You can also participate in one of the College in Winterhold side quests, and gain entrance to the Labyrinthian where you can gain the Detect Life spell. Simply casting this spell in one of the cities surrounded by people, will help your Alteration skill greatly.

With the Illusion skill you need to have the Courage spell in your conjurers repertoire, and simply go around casting this spell on everyone you meet while walking around a city. Once your Illusion skill hits higher levels, you should move on to more powerful spells such as Rally. You can also use the weaker Fear/Fury spells on simple enemies, who when the spell is cast will run away and then come back to attack you. You can then just repeatedly cast the spell until your desired level is reached.

When leveling the Conjuration skill you must be prepared to do a bit of fighting with weapons. Just purchase the Bound Sword spell and attack your enemies with it to level your Conjuration. You can also get hold of the Conjure Familiar spell, so you can have a creature fighting at your side during battle. Using a double combination of casting the Bound Sword and Conjurer Familiar spells, will greatly increase your Conjuration skill further.

Finally the Destruction skill is far more simpler than any other spell casting skill to level. Just go out into the Skyrim world armed with a Destruction spell, and blast those loathsome enemies into Oblivion. Also using the combination of the Illusion spell Calm and Restoration spell Healing Hands, you can blast your foes with a Destruction spell or two, use the Calm spell on them, then use the Healing Hands spell on them and then start the process of blasting them again.

Practicing Spell Casting Skills In Skyrim Makes Perfect

So there you have it a complete guide on how to get those spell casting skills leveling in Skyrim more quickly. The experience you will gain from just going out into the Skyrim world, casting all those wonderful spells will help you raise your magicka level and aid you in becoming a very powerful conjurer indeed.