How To Effectively Sharpen Those Khajiit Claws

Playing a cute little kitty in the world of Elder Scrolls games, has always been a popular character that players like to build. In Skyrim the Khajiit has an early game advantage in unarmed combat, thanks to their sharp Khajiit claws that do a rather nice 15 point damage.

Going hand to hand in a bar brawl with those sharp Khajiit claws will quickly bring an opponent to their knees, and earn you some gold coins and the option for a new companion to boot. Using the Khajiit claws in combat can be compared to you using dual wielded daggers, slashing 15 points damage with each hand from your opponent very quickly.

Though just running around using only Khajiit claws in combat is not recommended in the later stages of the game. Using the claws in unarmed combat at the beginning can be a fun and rewarding alternative to armed combat. Though it is not wise to just dwell on using the claws only, mixing it with one handed or two handed combat, will help those skill levels tick over nicely.

Enhancing Khajiit Claws For Harder Blows

Later in the Skyrim game even Khajiit claws with a 15 point damage level will become too weak to be effective in combat. But don't be disheartened there is still a solution in the form of some rather handy gear, those being the Gloves of the Pugilist that give an extra 10 points damage per hand.

So with those gloves you will be walking around with claws that can now do 25 damage, that is sure to send any more difficult opponent straight to Oblivion. Incidentally the gloves can be found in the Ratway under Riften, that can be taken from a fallen unarmed bandit.

There is also an additional bonus that can help add to the effect of the Khajiit claws. This comes by way of a perk that can be selected under the heavy armor skill tree called the 'Fists of Steel'. This perk will grant you extra damage according to what rating your gloves armor possesses.

The only downside to this perk is that it is for an added damage bonus with heavy armored gloves, and therefore will not be able to be used in conjunction with the Pugilist gloves which are light armored. You can however disenchant the Gloves of the Pugilist and learn the effect, so at a higher enchanting level you can add this effect to heavy armor gloves and get a higher combined unarmed combat bonus.

Using Only Khajiit Claws In Combat Is Possible

So with the added damage bonus with both the 'Fist of Steel' perk and an enchanted heavy armored glove, using the claws of the Khajiit could be a fast and effective combat strategy well into the later stages of the game. If you really like a challenge when building your Khajiit characters in Skyrim, then considering this option may add to your gaming fun!