Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta: Review

To start off, I thought the mixed reviewed Medal of Honor 2010 was a solid entry in the franchise. I thought it had a very fun single player campaign and I found myself actually caring at some points about the characters. The multiplayer on the other hand, had a lot of potential. It couldnt decide if it wanted to be more like COD or Battlefield and it ended up being a mess. The close quarters were fun at some points and the long range sucked. It only had a few game modes and even fewer guns. So when I herd a sequel was coming out I got super excited!

The Medal of Honor Warfighter Beta is good. Its definitely not great, but its the biggest step ever, over the first MOH's multiplayer. The multiplayer is so much more realized then before. Its running on the Frostbite 2 engine, the same as Battlefield 3 and looks just as good! Theres six different classes you can play with and a few guns. There's only one game type. This is a great way to show the new MOH to the public and get them interested.

The gameplay is very balanced, no gun felt like it was overpowered and gave an advantage. The kill streaks are great, there's offensive and defensive ones. When ever you get a kill streak you can pick which one you want to use. I found myself using the defensive killstreak a lot more than offensive. These killstreaks really help your team out and it rewards you for it.

Unlike Battlefield 3, MOH Warfighter doesn't have squads, but instead has battle buddies. You can choose to spawn on your partner or at a fall back spawn. I like this element a lot and think it works a little better then the squad system. The name of the game is team work. You and your partner need to work together, you can get points off of each other. You get points for you partner killing someone, avenging you or you avenging them, assisting them, and spawning on them. If you are the leading squad on the winning team you get a cut scene with your characters in it.

Running and gunning will get you killed every time in this game, so don't even attempt it. Stay patient and wait for the opportunity to strike. Use you partner as backup and use other partners as support. This game is very tactical and I think it does a better job at doing so then Battlefield 3. Yes, I said it. Even in B3, I can be a lone wolf and be successful. In this you might be able to get a couple kills, but you wont last.

Overall this has gotten me super excited for the final product. Its a day one purchase for me. The campaign looks great and the multiplayer player looks like loads of fun.

Final Score: 8.4