Understanding The Importance Of Skyrim Combat Skills

There is no denying that to the die-hard fans of Skyrim, the Skyrim combat skills part is the most fascinating and endearing factor. The advanced and colourful graphics bring in skills such as smithing, blocking and more physical attributes of the role playing character to the fore. It is one of the things which has attracted many thousands of players to the world of Skyrim right from the time it was released in 2011. The game play is excellent and players enjoy playing this one of a kind game. The various categories of skills which contribute to survival and good performance are many and variant. The most important of these is the 'combat' skill.

Skyrim combat skills - various weapon combos

At the very outset, skyrim combat skills can be understood as the weapons, shields and armor you possess and how you effectively use them in battle. The normal course of Skyrim combat, is by wielding a weapon in one hand and a shield in the other with light or heavy armor as further protection. There are other forms of combat such as dual wielding of one handed weapons, two handed weaponry, bow and arrows, one handed weapon and magic, or two handed magic for more powerful combat. Skyrim combat skills are really based entirely on an individuals preference.

Skyrim combat skills - how the progression works

In the initial stages of the game, hand to hand combat does produce results especially against the much weaker opponents such as packs of wolves, pesky rats and the odd mud crab. But even so, it is imperative that the character finds themselves some heavy armor gloves to give added effect to the blows on an opponent when engaging in fisticuffs.

As the character advances into the higher gaming levels, it becomes crucial to use more effective and deadly Skyrim combat skills. Fist fights, per se, aren't what can be classified as a true combat skill, whereas wielding a large axe or a blade and shield can.

The most effective Skyrim combat skill is when the character sets about using the various weapon combinations available, when engaging with the more advanced and well armored opponents that come at later levels.

One of the most effective Skyrim combat skills earlier on is the use of two handed weaponry such as a the Great Sword which have a more effective damage toll on opponents thanks to their high damage rating and use with power attacks.

Your character can also have a single handed weapon designated to either the right or left hand along with a shield for added protection or a duel wielding of two one handed weapons and even leave one hand left open for using magic such as destruction spells.

There are also various bow and arrows available so you can sneak up and take damaging ranged shots at opponents before having to engage them in close quarter combat.

Those with a more braver outlook at using Skyrim combat skills can assign different types of magic to each hand, so for instance a character can use one hand to damage an opponent with a destruction spell and use the other to heal up any of the damage taken.

Some types of magic can also be assigned to both hands in a powerful dual wielding effect, and when successfully cast can produce some of the most devastating effects on multiple opponents at the same time.

Skyrim combat skills- mastery of skills and perks

At one time combat skills such as in Oblivion included hand to hand, blade and blunt skills for you to level up and master. But Skyrim combat skills are now revised as one handed and two handed combat skills for mastery in weapon usage and block for mastery in the use of a shield whilst in battle.

Mastery at heavy and light armor will also add more protection when taking blows during combat with more difficult opponents, along with some very useful perks that can really aid in winning the battle.

Becoming a master at Smithing is also a useful part in becoming better at Skyrim combat skills, using the various areas in the Blacksmith will help produce some of the most damage protecting heavy or light armor and the most powerful weapons to wield against opponents.

For those who like to wear enchanted armor or wield enchanted weaponry will find it useful to master the skill of enchanting. Being able to create armor that can absorb the damage of various magic or enchant a blade that can absorb a powerful opponents health and stamina, is sure to aid anyone during Skyrim combat.

Casting spells at opponents during multiple battles and becoming a master at the various disciplines of magic can also yield some powerful effects during combat, and getting these skills to higher levels can make a character a very powerful and almost unbeatable opponent.

There are a variety of books and skill trainers out there that will aid you in getting these skills to higher levels quickly, and taking the time to read books or spend some of that hard earned gold to be taught these skills will certainly help you survive better in the sometimes hostile Skyrim environment.

One final Skyrim combat skill that players should take into consideration is the ability to run, jump and swim away from dangerous opponents. Why stand, fight and ultimately die against a stronger opponent when you can simply make a strategic withdraw and come back to fight another day when you are stronger.

With the various skills and now perks that a character can learn and develop, becoming a master in the skill attributes can be a fun and exciting way of mastering those Skyrim combat skills.